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Traveling Broke and Out of Gas + Hot Rod Walt + The Boy Jones

Join us for the Psychedelic Folk / Bastard Americana of Traveling Broke and Out of Gas with special guests Hot Rod Walt of the Psycho-DeVilles (with Steve Stone on pedal steel), and The Boy Jones!

$7 Adv – $10 Door
Doors @ 7 PM

All ticket sales are final. No refunds.

Led by sultry vocals, dynamic instrumentation, and cerebral songwriting, Traveling Broke and Out of Gas has created a niche for themselves with their own brand of diverse, Folk inspired sounds.

With three full length albums, and several national and regional tours under their belt, Traveling Broke and Out of Gas is quickly making a name for themselves across the United States. Aside from being head over heals in love with the music they write and perform, the band is very committed to causes and issues that have meaning to them; this is reflected in their songs' themes of social justice, sustainability, human rights, freedom, family, cooperation, and love.

Originally formed as a traveling husband and wife duo playing what they wanted and where they wanted regardless of outside appeal, Traveling Broke and Out of Gas, now with four band members, has grown their grassroots folk/blues/rock/country style into their very own unique sound that has been appropriately labeled 'Bastard Americana'. This band was formed from the sheer love of and inspiration derived from music and songwriting; and because of that, the band's 75+ catalog of songs range across nearly every genre of music, often several within just one song. The words "all the songs sound the same" are something one will never hear describing Traveling Broke. This is a band for music lovers that want to be surprised, enthralled, and wowed in a music age where that simply doesn't happen so often anymore.

The only thing that makes this talented group happier than performing their music is sharing it with the audiences, creating a thrilling connection that simply cannot be explained in words. That's when a fan official becomes part of the "Broke Family". In a live setting more than anything, soulful vocals and diverse instrumentation of Traveling Broke and Out of Gas bring the songs' powerful lyricism to a balance of musical madness, charm, and enchantment.

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Hot Rod Walt, aka Walt Richards, was born in 1966. Lived the first half of his life in the very rural town of Beemerville New Jersey. Moved to North Port Florida in 1989. In 2006,moved to the Atlanta area where the music scene is huge and the southern hospitality is overwhelming. Not only does he play guitar and sing in the Psycho-DeVilles, but works on custom cars and motorcycles, does hand pinstriping and really just about anything you can imagine on a car or bike. He even just hand pinstriped over 160 special edition "Hot Rod Walt" Gretsch Guitars. He also has a pretty cool car collection that includes a couple 51 mercs and a couple 32 Fords. And a 34 coupe, the famed "Yellow Jacket"..... And....he has a very cool wife named Sharlene.

Hot Rod Walt and the Psycho DeVilles was formed in 2002. They have released 7 CDs... "Out of the garage and onto the street", "Psycho Cadillac", "Supercharger", "Night Prowler", "Rockabilly Rodeo", "Country Gold" and "Rock N Roll Life".... This is Hot Rod Walt's tenth full length Cd overall, having had a few bands in the past as well. He takes pride in recording only original music and has about 200 original songs to his name.

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About The Boy Jones

It was July 14th 1987, Mark McGuire was Major League Baseballs newly crowned  Rookie of the year, Ronald Reagan sat high on the iron throne of American politics, and my mothers nine month long rendezvous with hormones and midnight cravings was about to come to an end. All was well in the world I would come to know. At 7:55am in a tiny southern hospital just outside of Atlanta,Ga, I greeted the people who had been so eagerly anticipating my arrival. I don't remember much of that day if anything at all, and to be honest, if any man said he could recall the first time he opened his eyes, I'd say their full of shit. I've been told that there were balloons and roses and tears of joy. I've seen pictures of my first expressions in my brand new body and heard tales of my piercing baby battle cry. I have no memory of this day, nor do I desire to have one. I imagine it's like any lesson worth learning in life, filled with love and topped with pain. But what do I know ?, I'm not an infant and I've never ushered one into the world. 

Childhoods a funny thing the longer the clock counts down and you sink into your daddy's shoes. Those barefoot summers filled with bruises, strawberry covered knees and overly dramatic fights with my baby sister, will always hold a pivotal place in my heart. Even the bad times had a magical, beautifully ironic role in crafting my perception. God truly has a wonderful sense of humor. As a teenager I was par for the course. I could've had an axe buried in the back of my head and I still wouldn't admit it. I was loaded with bad ideas and smoking good times. When I was seventeen I elected to drop out of high school six months before what would have been my graduation. However stupid it may have seemed at the time, to this day I don't regret my decision. Does a soldier march into battle without a mission? Does an astronaut strap himself to a rocket with no destination in mind? Can a painter craft a masterpiece with no passion? The answer is no. I simply didn't see the point in buying a ticket to a theme park full of rides I had no interest in. 

In the years since I've learned many lessons, burned many bridges and heard a plethora of bad jokes. I've made movies, I've made enemies, I've waited on the wealthy and tended to the poor. I've worked in factories, lived on concrete floors under swingers dens, sat on my ass, and toured the country with a six piece band. Life has given me belief that the education of the soul is the only path to true fulfillment, balance, and wisdom.

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