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Inman Jazz All-Stars (INJA) CD Release Show w/ special guests

Please join us in celebrating the accomplishment of seven young, and very talented musicians, INJA. Their work began as a collaborative effort between Inman Middle School Band and Citizen Advocacy of Atlanta and DeKalb. Special thanks to Arneesa Woods and Derona King; as well as Khari Cabral Simmons and Daz-I-Kue who saw the potential of this project and helped shape work that is a beautiful expression of the hope of a generation to be more inclusive, more kind, more engaged – to be more of a community that does not see some of us, but one that sees-- All Of Us.

Doors @ 6 PM

This project began as a whisper between a father and son. By the time the final note was struck, the whisper had grown into a full blown conversation, encompassing so many beautiful souls that it would be impossible to count. Jay Hammond, the son, after playing at a Gala event for an organization known as “Citizen Advocacy,” asked me, the father, if there was a way we could benefit Citizen Advocacy, an organization dedicated to supporting community by enabling people with a developmental disability to be revisioned and reintegrated into the centrality of community life, instead of being pushed to its margins. After talking with the Executive Director, Ms. Derona King, the project began to have a soul. Later, talking with the Director of Bands at Inman Middle School, Ms. Arneesa Woods, who would skillfully guide a select group of young musicians along this journey, the project developed a heartbeat. A timely introduction to bassist and music producer Khari Simmons and engineer extraordinaire Darren Benjamin, and the project had arms and legs. The young artists who performed the song that make-up “All of Us” are all in the seventh or eighth grade (at the time of the recording). Their willingness to put so much of themselves into a project, the scope of which they will, only in time, come to appreciate – speaks to the beautiful energy that this effort inspired. The proceeds from this project will go to support the work of Citizen Advocacy and Inman Middle School Jazz Band.  We hope you enjoy the music and the power made manifest when creation, conversation and community includes not some of us, but --- All of US.

Inman Jazz All-Stars All of Us — Digital Download
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