Calendar of live music events, concerts and shows (Americana, Bluegrass, Country & Western, Folk, Blues, Jazz, Roots Rock, and Burlesque) at Red Light Café in Atlanta, GA.

Sunday at San Fran Semester Showcase

The Semester Showcase of San Francisco Coffee Roasting Co.'s monthly open mic for young performers. Performers from Virginia Highland and surrounding neighborhoods, including many students from the Eclectic Music music school come together with their teachers, families, and friends for a special celebration of their talent and hard work on a professional stage.

Featuring Carter Davidson, Nora Witten, Sara Centner, Hayden Horn, Carly Hallett, Lola Lignugaris, Drake Dominey, Sadie Witten, Carly Bynum, Leila Heller, Sophia Dominey, Jeffrey Hallett, Lexi Wernick, Alessia Sacchi.

Doors @ 2 PM