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Songs & Stories: Frankie Boots, Matthew Pendrick and Brian Revels in the Round

Picture a west Texas desert road and a lone Cadillac kicking up dust, three travelers with a drinking solution, off to dream a little dream. Who got left behind? What's ahead? This is that movie's soundtrack. An early-evening devotion to stories as songs with some of the best songwriters you've never known of or - let's be honest - you know them personally: Frankie Boots, Matthew Pendrick and Brian Revels. Either way, your senses will thank you.

$7 Adv – $10 Door
Doors @ 4 PM

All ticket sales are final. No refunds. Door is Cash Only.

Frankie Boots is an award winning singer/songwriter roaring out of the San Francisco Bay Area with a penchant for painting vivid images of late nights, lost love, and the grittier side of life. Whether it be country, rock, blues, gospel, bluegrass, or any other true form of great American music, Boots throws it all into the recipe for a dish that’s always served hot. His captivating live performances and magnetic songs earned him the North Bay Bohemian’s award for best Country/Americana act in the Bay Area two years in a row and his full ensemble was written in as the best overall band for 2016 by their readership. He has shared a stage with some of the most respected names in the industry including Robert Earl Keen, Lukas Nelson And The Promise Of The Real, Leon Russell, Pokey LaFarge, Ray Wylie Hubbard, The Brothers Comatose, Drag The River, Jared & The Mill, and many more.

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Born and raised in Decatur, Georgia, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Matthew Pendrick came up during a creative heyday in one of the south's small town artistic meccas. Honing his chops while busking under the tutelage of infamous street shouter Guitar Red, Matthew soaked up the city’s deep musical history, digging down through the roots and sharing the stage with many of the south’s musical torch bearers including Eddie Tigner (the Ink Spots), Oliver Wood (the Wood Brothers) and Michelle Malone. Active for nearly a decade Atlanta’s thriving music scene, Matthew has played side-man to many of the cities finest young talent. Inspired by 60’s psych classics and Atlanta’s thriving indie rock scene, Pendrick formed the new musical ensemble Slow Parade.

Slow Parade melts the song-forward writing sensibilities of a century of American music to a sonic pallet which splatters reverb drenched feedback over cowboy chords like a cool blade through hot mud. A brief stint of dates on the West Coast this summer inspired their latest single, Bangs, an end of summer gasoline fueled surf mambo that wouldn’t sound out of place blaring from the torn speakers of Roy Orbisons ‘65 Caddy. Bangs' slinky latin bass line clutches tight to a rumba surf shufflewhile sticky sweet guitar lines weave like tipsy teenagers through Pendrick’s plaintive howls. The B side “Jackpot!” slows the roll to a country-fried waltz time while pushing the sonic envelope over the canyon’s cliff. “Like a drunk singing Psalms, i’ve been looking for signs,” Pendrick sings with a shaky swagger, “in the entrails of the hearts i thought I’d left behind?” A pedal steel guitar weeps in the corner as cassette deck feedback loops swirl upwards, then crash down like flaming paper planes. Slow Parade is here to suggest you use the last fumes in the tank to park it at the trailhead.

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Brian Revels is probably most recognized as the brazen voice behind Atlanta, Georgia’s, City Mouse, a bourbon-barreled version of an Avett Brother’s tribute with it’s own unique canon of songs. If you know him, you might also tend to picture him holding a banjo. But, long before the birth of this rowdy band of folk-singers, he has been scribbling lyrics on scrap paper – restaurant order pads, receipts, check stubs – and picking a well-loved 6-string confidante.

At 16, freshly expelled from high school, the now 26 year-old, dusted off the Silvertone stratocaster that was begged off of his single mother two years prior. One summer of work after that earned him the Takamine that now has a hole in the front that would make Willie Nelson do a double-take.

Gravitating to the energetic and angsty indie-pop-rock – Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Bright Eyes – at his youngest musical stages, Revels found his way to more timeless heroes in young adulthood – The Band, Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt, Woody Guthrie – coaxed by his friends’ southern-born fathers. Growing up a few minutes away from the intimate music mecca that is Athens, Ga, live music became an increasingly prevalent part of life. He was soon immersed in the music local legends like Drive-By Truckers or Ponderosa. His music now boasts a compelling mix of such influences, taking mournful but witty stabs at reality in a tone reminiscent of Conor Oberst’s work or journeying through an outlaw’s murder ballad in a way the Patterson Hood might appreciate.

As a performer, he tends to reimagine his songs constantly. Not like the Dead, completely reforming or endlessly improvising, but delivering the words with an earnestness that is completely true in the moment and therefore never a re-enactment of something tirelessly rehearsed – whether or not it is.

“I swear it comes from somewhere else. I definitely catch myself forcing parts of it, but some of the inspiration I just can’t claim. As far as the show goes, it’s like trying to keep a bird in a cage that won’t latch. I try to stick to melodies, try to be still but it never seems come out as tame as I’d like it to.” Says Brian.

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