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Reverend Hylton "Winter Tour" Finale Show w/ Brian Revels

After his 2015 inaugural winter tour Reverend Hylton makes his way back to Atlanta's Red light Café for an intimate late afternoon show with special guest Brian Revels.

$5 Adv – $7 Door
Doors @ 3:30 PM

Justin Hylton has toured the nation with his Americana songs of relatable tales of life experiences. Heartbreak, addiction, partying, traveling and having a good time are the substance of his melodic musical, lyrical and vocal writings. 

Inspired by life, Justin’s lyrical undertones stem from “…seeing life just happen, living in the present and appreciating the beauty that we are surrounded with daily.”. 

From the stage to the crowd, a real performance is heard. Real words, sung by a real man, with real meaning make for an authentic time shared by both Justin and the crowd. 

As a guitarist, Justin’s musical influences started at a young age. “I have been interested in music for most of my life. I played trombone in band until I was 16. At that age I was getting into a lot of trouble and my mom would send me to my Grandfathers. That was where I learned to play the guitar. My grandfather was learning the banjo and we would sit on the porch and pick for days.”. 

A Georgia native, Justin has lived and traveled the United States. Currently living in “3down” (Marietta), Georgia, being an artist has paved the way for him to express himself, “It helps me stay sane in a sometimes insane world.”. 

Justin finds new influences every day by listening to music and getting deep into the lyrics and feelings behind different songs. Justin is always looking for something new and feels the creative undertone of the music he hears. Anyone who can express themselves in their own way is the cornerstone of his influence.

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Originally from “The Classic City,”, Athens, Ga, Brian Revels is a 25-year old graduate of the Atlanta Institute of Music. Despite his formal training, his songwriting maintains a raw, unbridled element. Since then, his musical education has strengthened his resolve and sharpened his perspective as a musician.

Formerly an English major, his lyrics span the entire range of human emotions and the nuances within. They reveal access to all of your favorite literary cliches: irony, satire, sarcasm, good-old-fashioned story-telling, etc. He sees just as much beauty in sorrow as in love and as much hope in the world as despair. His songs mean only to translate his relationship with that world. They’ll probably never be Top 40 and that’s a fact he cherishes.

A beat-up Takamine has served as his confidant for most of his songwriting years. Since graduating from AIM in Fall of 2012, he strives to translate his understanding of music on to every instrument he can. Most recently, a great deal of his performances are behind a vintage Harmony banjo and collection of Hohner harmonicas with his rowdy folk trio, City Mouse. The Mouse was born in the early months of 2013 and is already causing a substantial stir in the music scene. They won Ian Schumacher’s Sixth Series of the Acoustic Showdown at the Tin Roof Cantina and are currently working on their first album with Zac Recording Studios in Atlanta. The Album is slated for an early 2015 release.

An addict for passion and bearing his soul, Revels is a student of the world and the music it sings. He’s in it for the long haul. Any support, moral or otherwise, to further this quest is greatly appreciated.

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Reverend Hylton w/ Brian Revels in concert ✦ Doors @ 3:30pm ✦ $5 Adv – $7 Door Red Light Café, Atlanta, GA