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Meredith Crawford & The Backhand Band w/ Smoke Rise

Meredith Crawford & The Backhand Band is a Soul Country Rock band from Tyler, Texas.

Smoke Rise members are veterans of the Atlanta bluegrass scene, and they like to mix the old and the new. They all love the Blues and grew up on Rock and Roll — and their music shows it.

$7 Adv – $10 Door
Doors @ 7 PM

All ticket sales are final. No refunds.

Meredith Crawford & The Backhand Band is a roots rock band based out of Tyler Texas. Their vibrant sound offers a modern take on a blend of country, rock, soul, and brit-pop. The band's textural approach to sound is reminiscent of groups like Wilco, Ryan Adams, or the Smiths. Central to it all are the powerhouse vocals of Meredith herself. The country styling of her voice make the Backhand Band this generation's answer to Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Ponies. 

The purpose in the words of her songs is to speak what everyone is struggling to say. They also strike a chord within the female psyche. So sit back, hum along, and listen to what her music says to you.

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Smoke Rise members are veterans of the Atlanta bluegrass scene, and they like to mix the old and the new. They all love the Blues and grew up on Rock and Roll — and their music shows it.

Walt Stark was involved in a serious bicycle accident In late August of 2010 while participating in a practice race. He sustained head shoulder and rib injuries. When he was released from Grady hospital he found that he could play the guitar. Now almost four years later Walter is a much greater man for it, and in addition to gaining weight he has developed a skill which will come in handy in later years at the nursing home. He can also look forward to an exciting career in bluegrass earning tens of dollars performing the music that he loves. His lovely wife Betsy has now learned to play the mandolin. On any given night, if you are out and about in their neighborhood you are sure to be able to follow the angry neighbors and barking dogs right to their front door. Knock, come on in, and does anyone play the bass?

Reuben Fair was born in Gene Autrey, Oklahoma and began playing guitar in the late sixties. He played off and on while earning a living with his day job as an engineer. While attending a bluegrass concert in Armuchee Georgia in 2000 his love of music was rekindled and he decided to take up the mandolin while his wife Kim decided to pick the bass and son Trey opted for the Banjo. Reuben is a charter member of the infamous Tucker Station String Band. Reuben lives in Smokerise, Georgia with his wife, Kim and kitty cat, Loretta.

Kim Fair hails from the little town of Lucedale in coastal Mississippi. She moved to Atlanta for school in the 70s and never left. With a background in piano and a love of music, Kim became enamored of the sounds of bluegrass while attending a Festival in Armuchee, Georgia in 2000. Since a piano is a little difficult to carry to a bluegrass jam, Kim opted for the bass which she plays with skill and finesse. Holding down the bottom of the blue grass group, Kim keeps everybody in line with her solid timing. Since she is a high school math teacher, she has no trouble counting to I-IV-V. Kim is also a founding member of the Tucker Station String Band.

Jim Coleman fell in love with Bluegrass music when he moved from California to South Carolina for college and discovered the banjo playing of Earl Scruggs and the music of Bill Monroe and the Country Gentlemen. Jim has enjoyed all the first generation bands but likes a lot of the contemporary material. He was previously the banjoist in the following Atlanta area bands: Home Remedy, Metro Bluegrass, Wild Blue Yonder and most recently with Nancy Creek. Jim is single, enjoys wine and travel and lives in Marietta.

Mike Hughes does that twangy, slidey thing. Mike first heard the Dobro as a young serviceman in Washington DC being played by local artist Mike Auldridge. Many years later, he bought his current MA-6 from the very same. Mike lives in a warehouse loft in downtown Atlanta that has its own stage and a 14-foot mural of Buddha.

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