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International Pop Overthrow Music Festival — Atlanta — Day Two

International Pop Overthrow Music Festival — Atlanta — Day Two at Red Light Café, Atlanta, GA
– Tickets are $10

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The International Pop Overthrow Music Festival — Atlanta continues on Day Two with Brent Daniel, Dave Rave, The Raves, Paul Melançon & the New Insecurities, Nine Times Blue, Avenue of the Giants, and Starr*Hustler.

7:30 — Brent Daniel

Singer songwriter Brent Daniel returns to Red Light Café for the International Pop Overthrow Music Festival. Performing tunes from his Art House Cinema album listed in Power Pop Prime Volume 9 by Bruce Brodeen as one of the best releases of 2010 - Brent will also debut songs from his next full length recording.

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8:15 — Dave Rave

Dave Rave is a musician’s musician. To the general public, he’s the manic Teenage Head rhythm guitarist who graduated to lead singer and catapulted the band back into the charts; but musicians know him as a valued session player (Daniel Lanois, Andrew Loog Oldham, Alex Chilton, and countless others) who can play the best version of a song he’s never heard. Media continually notes “his sharp pop intelligence means the songwriting is of high standard.” Dave continues to produce incredible music in a wide variety of genres from jazz to folk to rockabilly to punk. But it is Dave’s pop sensibilities and his devotion to making music that is honest, intimate and real regardless of whether he touches you with smiles, tears or the occasional urge to pogo in your living room.

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9:00 — The Raves

The Raves are a power pop band based in Atlanta, Georgia since the 1980s. Originally formed in 1971 and called Nod, the Raves consist of three brothers (Chuck, John and Jim Yoakum) and Ken Kennedy. At the time they began, it was uncommon in the Southern United States to hear original pop rock music like theirs. With a strong influence from from the British invasion and the Rockabilly styles of the 1950s, they played in the vein of The Pretenders, Badfinger, Big Star, and other pop rock bands of the 70s and 80s. The Raves also had their own television program titled Eh, Wot’s This?, a mix of original comedy sketches and music video which aired from 1980-1982.

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9:45 — Paul Melançon & the New Insecurities

Paul Melançon plays music. Literate, moody, indie-pop music. Whatever the hell that is. He writes depressing songs that sound upbeat, and upbeat songs that sound depressing. He has been graced with an unusually gifted voice and a knack for writing well-crafted pop songs hiding disturbed and defective characters inside. His tools are the bittersweet melody, lyrical depth, and sardonic wit found in fellow artists such as Michael Penn, Neil Finn and Elvis Costello. When whipped into a frenzy, he can shake and pop like a drunk Nick Lowe.

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10:30 — Nine Times Blue

Nine Times Blue is critically acclaimed, Atlanta-based alternative rock band that has been selling out shows all around the Atlanta area and enjoying strong radio support for their new album, Falling Slowly, around the world.  While they clearly wear their influences on their sleeve, invoking the classic alt-rock and power pop that first inspired them to pick up instruments, Nine Times Blue has a radio friendly, modern sound that is all their own.

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Avenue of the Giants – September 28, 2013 – Red Light Café, Atlanta, GA

11:15 — Avenue of the Giants

Positive energy, positive thought and positive action; it's been an amazingly powerful mantra for Atlanta, GA Rock & Rollers Avenue of the Giants. "There's an energy that you can feel coming out of the performance that just makes everything feel in its proper place" states lead guitarist Foz Rock. "I feel like every experience in life, good and bad, has led me to the music we are currently creating; it's a great place to be." Avenue of the Giants is recording their debut LP, entitled Just Between Us at the world-renowned Tree Sound Studios in Atlanta, GA with owner/producer Paul Diaz.

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12:00 — Starr*Hustler

Bass guitar champion Andy Tegethoff (The Eyes, Henry Porter, Solution Science Systems) has turned a childhood diet of 70's pop culture sci-fi and FM radio rock into a collection of cosmic pop/rock from the edge of space and time -- wrapped in quintuple smooth chocolate. Produced and recorded by Tegethoff and longtime rhythm section co-conspirator Kelly Shane (Enemy From Space, Kenny Howes and the Wow!), Starr*Hustler's debut release Keep Looking Up plays like a lost Pink Floyd or Supertramp record, but with songs that Robert Pollard might have penned. It is "not necessarily stoned… but beautiful."  Live onstage, some clown college style foolishness is leveraged to depict their Jack Kirby-cum-Glen Larson protagonist: the Starr*Hustler himself. Tegethoff and Shane are joined by Atlanta veteran ax-slinger Mike Goldman (The Indicators, Stovall) and Ian McMahon (Used For Comparison) on bass to present a tight rock quartet performance with strong Classic Rock and New Wave influences.

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About International Pop Overthrow

International Pop Overthrow (or IPO, as it has affectionately become known) is a pop music festival which has been held for the past sixteen years in Los Angeles, and for various years in Chicago, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Phoenix, Detroit, Milwaukee, Portland, Seattle, Austin, Vancouver, and Toronto, as well as in Liverpool (at the world famous Cavern Club), and London, UK. Each International Pop Overthrow features between 25-180 of the best pop bands from around the world. Everyone from the bands to the spectators has a wonderful time, and although we’re all exhausted by the end, we part company with one prevailing thought: “I can’t wait to do it again next year!”

The purpose of International Pop Overthrow is two-fold: one aim is to give every worthy band who’d like to play their music in a festival atmosphere the chance to do so, and the other is to bring pop music the attention it so richly deserves. We have made great strides to that end, garnering press in several noteworthy papers in each city in which we hold the festival, and creating a very positive buzz about pop music within the inner circles of major labels. We’re looking forward to the very real possibility that a number of bands who have played IPO will grab the brass ring and receive major label deals.

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