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A CELEBRATION OF BOWIE'S LIFE AND LEGACY feat. Jerome Newton and the Band Who Fell to Earth w/ Lingua Franca + Musée du Coeur

With the passing of David Bowie, Jerome Newton and the Band Who Fell to Earth, an Atlanta-based band pays homage to Bowie and the Glam Rock era, are finding themselves called upon to celebrate the Man Who Fell to Earth. Opening the evening will be the premiere of Lingua Franca, a duo featuring UK vocalist Kim Ribbans and Jerome Newton keyboardist Allen Welty-Green. Interstitial dance numbers by local burlesque troupe Musée du Coeur will occur throughout the evening.

$10 Door
Doors @ 8 PM

Jerome Newton and the Band Who Fell to Earth focuses on Bowie’s music from 1969-74 and includes not only the well-known numbers like Space Oddity and Changes, but also deeper tracks like Sweet Thing and Panic in Detroit. A centerpiece of their show is a performance of the entire Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, perhaps Bowie’s most well-known album. They also include a selection of music from Bowie’s contemporaries and peers, such as Roxy Music, T-Rex, Eno, and Mott the Hoople. And now, with Bowie’s passing, they will be adding material from other phases of Bowie’s long and diverse career.

One night in 2012, a bunch of artsy, musician types were hanging out, discussing why they would never ever, play cover songs. Inevitably the subject turned to what exceptions might be made to this rule. Keyboardist Allen Welty-Green (veteran of various local prog and art rock bands) said he might consider playing something like Bowie - “you know, something that doesn’t suck!” Someone else said “my roommate Joe Sikes (formerly of glammy electronica acts ODK and The Fabric) loves Bowie”. Soon the two of them got together, tried a few things out and said “what the hell, let’s make a band.” 

First on board was former sax man/singer Stan Satin from Atlanta punk legends Vietnam. Drummer Jim Dunn and guitarist Brian King, from the underground prog legends Lord Only, jumped in. Long time art-punk bassist Jeff Tyson filled out the band. Shows at galleries, parties, and clubs helped them fine tune their campy and energetic stage show. In 2014, burlesque artist Meredith Greer (“The Chameleon Queen”) officially became part of the band. She had been a fixture of every Jerome Newton show from the beginning, adding her high energy vocal stylings, dance, and percussion to the mix - so making her a “real” band member was just a formality!. Then in 2014, charter member Stan Satin departed the group for the land down under and sax man Brent Wilburn jumped in to take up the slack, and the beat goes on.

With a body of work as rich and diverse as Bowie’s, and with as large of a fan base as Bowie has, Jerome Newton and the Band Who Fell to Earth will be sharing their appreciation on stages in Atlanta and beyond for years to come.

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