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¡A-Peel La Ayuda! A Burlesque Benefit for Mexican and Puerto Rican Relief

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People of Atlanta, the performers of our community have been deeply hurt by the natural disasters of recent news. While our mainland is indeed recovering from hurricane damage, Hurricane Maria's devastation of Puerto Rico and the Magnitude 7.1 earthquake of central Mexico are deep wounds in our Latina community. 

While we are all grieving for those lost and doing all we can to help our families, we wanted to do more. So on this special event, the people of our local community who feel strong ties to those hurt in these disasters will be donating their time, their art, and their tassels to tease you. We hope by coming together and performing, we can help raise money to send much needed aid to those who need it. 

We will have a pay-what-you-want at the door.

We will be having a shimmy shakedown (aka human tip jar) as well as raffle with prizes donated by the local neo-vintage arts community. 

Our kind venue owners have donated the space, so 100% of funds raised will be split to the two charities we've selected for relief efforts:

Unidos Por Puerto Rico (aka United for PR) established by the island's first lady and dedicated to boots-on-the-ground relief efforts. 
— UNICEF México which is one of the few organizations who has the ability to send and organize relief to the various communities affected by the earthquake.

Donate at the Door
Doors @ 8 PM